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article - Abuse of Britain

In an article titled The Abuse of Britain, The Sun Newspaper had some choice words regarding a conference in the UK which is to feature Brother Tariq and which the London police force is helping to fund (thanks to Little Green Footballs):

Ramadan is no ranting Abu Hamza or Omar Bakri. He’s more dangerous than that.

He is a soft-spoken professor whose moderate tones present an acceptable, “reasonable” face of terror to impressionable young Muslims.

In one breath he condemns the horrors in London and Madrid. But through seemingly reasoned argu- ments he justifies similar attacks where Muslims are oppressed.

Ramadan has muddied the waters enough for the Met and ACPO to believe him a reasonable man. They should not be fooled.

And rank-and-file bobbies, who reacted with such extraordinary courage last Thursday, will rightly be outraged if the Force has any involvement with him.

Sponsoring community projects is entirely laudable. Giving the oxygen of publicity to an apologist for terrorism is not. Especially with the Tube and bus bombings so fresh in our minds.

The police must pull the plug without delay. And Home Secretary Charles Clarke must move swiftly to ban Professor Ramadan from our shores.

We don’t need scholars justifying suicide bombers and analysing for us the grievances that drive them.

We don’t need lectures on understanding the monsters who slaughtered innocent Londoners.

To hell with them. And to hell with this professor too.
(emphasis in original article)

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