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What a brilliant (ahem) retort

Looks like "Bob Pitt" from Islamophobia watch just earned an "A" in his formal logic class . "Bob Pitt" posted a reply to the response to his "Islamophobia" allegation below.

Instead of replying to the main point of the reply - that exposing one person as an extremist is not tantamount to "fear" or "hatred" of an entire group of people, we have this:

And this from a blogger whose response to Tariq Ramadan's observation that Muslims have an increasing presence in Europe was: "I'm sure Theo van Gogh is happy about that. So are the victims of the gang-rapes in Sweden."

The killer of van Gogh and the rapists in Sweden are exactly the type of extremists that buy Ramadan's taped lectures. If the "increasing presence" of Muslims in Europe consisted solely of moderates (like those moderate European Muslims described below who fear Ramadan's influence) I doubt van Gogh would have been assassinated. The problem is not Muslim immigration to Europe but is instead the influence of radicals and their sympathizers such as Ramadan. A moderate such as Bassam Tibi (living in Germany) saying "moderate Muslims have an increasing presence in Europe" is a far different statement.

Pitt continues:

Bizarrely we are told that the Islamophobia Watch collective "must be Islamophobes themselves, considering they probably have a low opinion of Ayaan Hirsi Ali".

Well, speaking personally, I have an extremely low opinion of Ayaan Hirsi Ali. However, given that she has publicly renounced Islam and spends her time attacking her former co-religionists, it's difficult to see how contempt for this appalling right-winger, who plays a major role in stoking up anti-Muslim racism in the Netherlands, amounts to Islamophobia.

Wow, a black woman "stoking up" anti-Muslim racism. Last I checked, "racism" was directed at those of a different race, not religion. Furthermore, using "Pitt's" logic, "he" must be a racist because he has an "extremely low opinion" of one black woman.

Ali attacks extremists and radicals, which is why she has earned their ire. She was chosen as an example because she is well-known. This example does not change the statement that those who cry "Islamophobia" are generally the first to attack moderate Muslims or Muslims calling for a reinterpretation of their religion.

Take out "Ayann Hirsi Ali" and put in "Fouad Ajami" or "Stephen Schwartz" and the statement still rings true.

As pointed out in the first reply, this site has numerous links to moderate Muslims and moderate organizations. One cannot be an "Islamophobe" while at the same time supporting these people and organizations. Using Pitt's logic, one must conclude that Martin Luther King was a racist because he opposed the more radical elements of the civil rights movement such as the Black Panthers or Nation of Islam (I suppose that would make King an "Islamophobe" as well).

Of course, this brilliance should be expected from a website that thinks Qaradawi is some sort of victim of the Neocons and the Jooooos instead of a radical.

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