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Steve Emerson on Brother Tariq

Investigative reporter Steve Emerson, the author of American Jihad: The Terrorists Living Among Us, has investigated radical Islamists in the U.S. for over 10 years. In 1994 he produced a documentary report detailing the seditious calls for the downfall of the U.S. made by such jihadists. Emerson has been threated with death numerous times by these creeps because of his efforts. He is an unsung hero in the war on Islamist radicalism "terror."

Mr. Emerson has a great article on the Brother Tariq Affair: Tariq Ramadan: The Case of the Grand Deception (How easily an Islamic militant fooled the U.S. media). Here are some excerpts:
First, Mr. Ramadan is not any more a moderate than David Duke would be considered a moderate on race relations. The only difference is that David Duke is not smart enough to speak in two languages, cloak his racism under the mantle of pluralism or enjoy the witting collaboration of the media. In several interviews given to various European publications over the last few years, Mr. Ramadan has repeatedly provided a justification for terrorist acts against U.S. allies such as Israel and Russia and, more recently, against the U.S. itself. Asked by the Italian magazine Panorama if the killing of civilians is right, Mr. Ramadan unambiguously responded that "In Palestine, Iraq, Chechnya, there is a situation of oppression, repression and dictatorship. It is legitimate for Muslims to resist fascism that kills the innocent." When asked if car bombings against U.S. forces in Iraq were legitimate, Professor Ramadan responded that "Iraq was colonized by the Americans. The resistance against the army is just."
Somebody should mention this to The Fighting Irish Battalion. I'm sure those students would be happy to hear that a hire for the Kroc Center felt that Islamonazis shooting at them was "just."

Emerson continues:
Still, the Ramadan fan club in the U.S. continued to portray the exclusion of Mr. Ramadan as part of an anti-Muslim campaign; the charge of anti-Muslim racism, part of the larger orchestration by radical Muslims to portray themselves as the victims of hate, has been mastered perfectly, requiring only the collaboration of the American media. At the height of the controversy last year, The New York Times opined that "American Muslim groups questioned the government's ability or willingness to distinguish between what they see as Muslim moderates like Mr. Ramadan and extremists." But who were these American Muslim groups, portrayed by the Times as intellectually honest arbiters of who really is a moderate? None other than off-shoots and branches of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic radical movement that gave birth to al Qaeda and Hamas, and whose founder was none other than Hassan Al-Banna, the grandfather of Mr. Ramadan.
Oh that charge of Islamophobia again!!! Let's continue:
Title 8 U.S. Code Section 1182 requires the exclusion from the U.S. of any alien who has "used his position of prominence within any country to endorse or espouse terrorist activity, or to persuade others to support terrorist activity or a terrorist organization." The provision seems written to fit Ramadan's case. The entry into the United States of any foreign national is, by law, a privilege and not a right. It is preposterous to ask the U.S. government to disregard its own laws and to grant this privilege to a person who openly condones attacks against U.S. forces and interests.

Aside from the legal justification for barring Mr. Ramadan, the moral reason for keeping Mr. Ramadan out is the same reason why the U.S. has for years denied visas to neo-Nazi proponents from Western Europe. It is not only the access to the United States that both neo-Nazis and Mr. Ramadan have sought. Rather it is the official imprimatur of the U.S. government, an effective declaration of political legitimacy attending to the granting of the visa. And that is precisely same legitimacy that allowed militant Islamic groups to operate for so long in the United States.

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Damn ... after thinking about Brother Tariq's bullshit about the occuPAYYYYshun, I realized that, had I stayed in the Fighting Irish Battalion, there's a chance that Tariq would be saying that Abu Musab al-RoomTemperature Zarqawi and his garbage had the right to shoot at me.

I try to keep this blog clean, but I'd like to give a big 'ol "FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE" to this piece of shit Islamonazi, and another big "GO FUCK YOURSELF" to Scott Appleby. You two pricks are made for each other. Considering one of the first casualties in March, 2003 was a Marine Officer who had graduated from ND, I hope that Appleby is especially proud of what he attempted to do. He is a pathetic human being.

Posted by: Darius_LaMonica | Jun 21, 2006 4:50:16 PM

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