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Linked from Islamophobia Watch

Well well well. An article painting Brother Tariq as a victim of Islamophobia linked to this blog. The article appeared at Islamophobia Watch and was written by [a likely dhimmi named] "Bob Pitt." This website states that its mission is "to document material in the public domain which advoces a fear and hatred of the Muslim peoples of the world and Islam as a religion."

Anyone with more than two brain cells and who can read can see the links on this blog to the websites of a number of moderate Muslims and Islamic organizations. This blog contains statements by American and European Muslims who view Tariq Ramadan as an apologist for radical Islamists, making him a threat to moderate Muslims, Western Europe, and the USA. If this blog is allegedly promoting "Islamophobia," it must be doing a very poor job by including these links and this information.

Extrapolating a "hatred" of an entire group of people from the dislike of one individual is an insidious logical step. Using this standard, I suppose we all engage in Russophobia for disapproving of Stalin and Sinophobia for disapproving of Mao Zedong. Oh, and using this extrapolation, I assume that "Bob Pitt" and his ilk at Islamophobia Watch must be Islamophobes themselves, considering they probably have a low opinion of Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Islamophobia Watch lists eight elements of "Islamophobia." Let's address them, shall we?
1. Unresponsive to change? Ever hear of Ataturk?
2. Ibn Sina, Ibn Rushd, and Ibn Khaldun all had a notable and important contribution to Western Civilization.
3. The Islamonazi barbarians killing innocents are the ones "barbaric, irrational, primitive and sexist," not the millions of moderates who disapprove of them.
4. See #3.
5. Islamism is a radical political ideology bent on destroying the liberal order and imposing a utopian vision of the 7th century. This differs from the religion of Islam.
6. Then why do so many Americans sympathisize with the Palestinian issue and want to see a two-state solution?
7. Muslims in the USA are hardly excluded from mainstream society and discriminated against. They have far more freedoms, including the freedom to practice religion, in the USA than in any country in the Middle East.
8. Hostility towards Muslims is not "normal," but hostility towards Islamists bent on destroying the USA and imposing a shari'a state is completely rational.
Now, will Brother Tariq take a "are you an anti-Semite?" quiz?

Allegations of "Islamophobia" made by goose-stepping Islamist sympathizers to equate any critique of radical Islamists with hatred of an entire group of people. This borders on calumny.

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