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A long time ago, Warner Brothers made a Bugs Bunny cartoon in which Bugs made a wrong turn at Albuquerque and ended up in Arabia. He successfully eluded Hasan, a sword-wielding jihadi whose misunderstood cries of "HASAN, CHOP!" obviously referred to Hasan's quest for moral self-improvement and not his desire to turn Bugs into hasenpfeffer. The episode ended with Daffy Duck clutching a pearl ("I'm a happy miser!") after a djinn shrank him down to a miniscule size.

I was shocked to find these pictures from this episode online. I was sure that CAIR and their ilk would've tried to ban them as "insensitive" to the types of people who think lopping off the heads of innocents was decreed from on high. Note to CAIR, MSA, Brother Tariq, et al.: it's a cartoon. What happened to this man wasn't. If you are the type of creep who is offended by a silly toon from fifty years ago, but run to Gitmo to defend real war criminals, you might be a Moonbat.

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