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Tariq's cousin gets his 72 "virgins"

On February 28, 2005, the Jordanian Raid (Ra'ed) Mansour al-Banna blew himself up in the city of Hilla, killing 130 people. After the attack, Iraq pulled its ambassador from Jordan. This is yet another example of the foriegn jihadis making their way to Iraq to prevent the Iraqis from trying to determine how they - not some foreign Islamist nutjobs - will govern their country.

Raid/Ra'ed was a grandson of Hasan al-Banna, which means he was a cousin of Tariq Ramadan. Thanks a lot, Hasan, for giving the world such a great set of grandkids.

JihadWatch posted two articles concerning the story here and here, and dippy Time magazine also had an article trying to "understand" Ra'ed al-Banna here.

Looks like Raid/Ra'ed will get his 72 virgins, or his 72 raisins if you read Christoph Luxenberg.

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