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Frere Tariq to appear at MPAC Convention

JihadWatch.org's Hugh Fitzgerald reports here that the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) has invited Tariq Ramadan to speak at their convention, billed as Countering Religious and Political Extremism, in mid-December. According to Mr. Fitzgerald (whose source is Daniel Pipes), Tariq will speak via a videoconference system, so he will not be allowed to enter the USA. Scott Appleby and A. Peter Walshe must be excited by this development - there are facilities at the University which would allow videoconferences, so it is possible that Frere Tariq could still teach there.

Stephen Schwartz had a recent article detailing how this MPAC convention will attack Steve Emerson, author of American Jihad: The Terrorists Living Among Us. Mr. Emerson also produced a PBS documentary called Jihad in America - back in 1994. Kalid Duran, a moderate Muslim and founder of the Ibn Khaldun Society, states that his participation with Emerson on the production of this documentary helped him earn the ire of organizations like CAIR.

Mr. Fitzgerald also had an earlier article detailing some of Tariq Ramadan's comments at a "dialogue of civilisation" meeting in Prague. Mr. Fitzgerald was kind enough to post the source he used for his article in the comments section of the webpage. Mr. Fitzgerald writes:

Tariq Ramadan has just been at one of those phoney "dialogue of civilisation" meetings in Prague, where he self-assuredly declared that there is no "clash of civilizations" because -- well, because Islam is part of Europe, Muslims are already in Europe, Europe owes so much, historically, to Islam. In other words, we are here, and here to stay, and there is nothing you can do about it.

I doubt that Samuel Huntington would be convinced by Tariq's response to his Clash of Civilizations thesis. On that note, I really have to get up the review of Tariq's Western Muslims and the Future of Islam (in one word: overrated). After reading it, and comparing his writing to that of moderates like Tarek Heggy, I am convinced that Tariq Ramadan is beloved by the leftist academy not for his supposed intellect but because he rails about many of the same issues: capitalism, globalism, entitlements masquerading as rights, etc.

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