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More from American Thinker article

Even more from the American Thinker article mentioned below:

Elisabeth Schemla from the newsmagazine website proche-orient.info reported that during her recent visit to Notre Dame, she tried, to no avail, to warn the University administrators about the dangers of having Ramadan teach. . . . Schemla also remarked that Indiana is the headquarters location of one of the biggest Islamist organizations in the US: the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). Steven Emerson, renowned terrorism expert, has been very vocal in establishing the links between ISNA, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and (surprise!) the Muslim Brotherhood.

Here is the article written by Elisabeth Schemla. Using Google's Language Tools, one can get a rough translation of portions of Schemla's article:

Last week, I was invited to the University Our-Lady, in Indiana in the United States, to give a conference whose title was as follows: "Confronted with Islam, France and the combat for secularity". . . . Of course it is in the name of the tolerance . . . that this fundamentalist will make its entry in this university . . . When I have asked . . . if it were known that he is anti-semite, it answered me that there was no convincing proof; that it is in favour of the disappearance of the State of Israel, I was entitled to an astonishment without continuation; which position Ramadan has on the women, I understood well that the hidjab, here, is regarded as a sizeable cultural practice; when I spoke about his tactic to Islamize the Western companies, one believed nothing of it. And when I told that it is, as by chance, in Indiana which is based the principal organization American islamist, my interlocutors were unaware of all of it.

Obviously Google's Language Tools aren't perfect - but the substance of this verifies the American Thinker allegation.

The American Thinker article also states:

[I]n his book, The Islam in Question, Ramadan clearly writes that he strongly favors the death of Israel, or rather of the “Zionist entity” -- the term used by Islamists who do not want utter the word Israel.

I could not determine whether an English translation of this book is available.

Perhaps Monk was too busy helping Bill Diedrick design the bubble-screen play to hire a translator to look into this allegation. Perhaps he was too busy listening to Athletic Director Kevin White to give Ms. Schemla a chance to present these allegations. If her claims are true, it is the biggest mistake UND has ever made regarding a hire - even worse than the George O'Leary fiasco. Perhaps UND is hoping that Beano Cook will defend this mistake too.

The American Thinker article does list the allegations of Ramadan's links to terrorist organizations (which Daniel Pipes also reiterated). The article, however, does not allege that Ramadan is a terrorist, instead stating:

Even though Ramadan cannot be charged with terrorism, it is clear that his speeches and tapes broadcasted in a lot of European mosques constitute an incitement to terrorism against the West. He supplies moral support for terrorism, and therefore should be viewed as a very dangerous man, because of the numerous terrorists his views foster.

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